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$25 -  Add-On Color Glaze, Gloss or Toner

$55 - Stand Alone Glaze, Gloss or Toner Refresher

$50 - Mini Root Retouch

$75 - Root Retouch

$100- Whole Head Initial Color Application

All prices may vary depending on hair thickness, length and individual need.

Your haircut isn't included, please remember to add it when booking your appointment. 

I'm excited to announce that I use Pulp Riot cream colors exclusively! They're Vegan, Cruelty-Free, PPD and Paraben-free.  The colors are vibrant and consistent, and create the ultimate, seamless blend. Goodbye dry, brittle hair. This groundbreaking technology leaves your hair healthy, and when taken care of properly with your at-home maintenance, will retain its color and amazing shine!

My Solid Root Blends will give your hair the star quality treatment and care you crave. This root touch up service is every 3, 4, 5, or 6 weeks to cover Mother Nature's sparkles, with up to one inch of re-growth.

Do you prefer to have more uniform color? All Over Color is what you're looking for! No matter how careful we are colors fade due to heat tools, shampooing, blow-drying and the environment. This service will add uniformity, shine and vibrancy to make your hair look as great as it feels from roots to ends. This is the service you will need if you've never visited me previously for a color or if your roots are longer than an inch.

Pamper yourself with a stunning Color Gloss, Glaze  or Toner to refresh your existing color in between appointments. This service is for in-between 8-12 week color services. Enhance and refresh your existing color, brighten up that blonde from dull or brassy with unbeatable shine and walk out looking and feeling great! A glaze may also be added during your root color to refresh your mid lengths and ends for an overall richer, shinier outcome.

Not sure what a Mini Root Retouch is? This service takes less time and cost of a regular root retouch and is perfect for those who normally go 6-10 weeks in between color appointments. I'll cover the regrowth around your front hairline to the ear, as well as an inch on either side of your part in order to hold you over until your next color appointment. Roots showing? Not yours!!

This service may be done once in-between color appointments.

All color services include your color, shampoo and blow-dry. Please remember to book your haircut!

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