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I'm excited for you to take your first step towards achieving your dream hair! Hair extensions can help achieve more volume, add fullness, provide density for fine hair and add length. They can be a way to sample fashion colors or color changes without commitment, give you amazing hair for a special event and can even make you feel more youthful when providing fine or thinning hair solutions! 

Please be advised that they aren't an option for everyone. My job as a professional is to offer you the method that will allow your natural hair to stay healthy and in the best condition possible.

It's necessary to meet for an in-person consultation to ensure accurate color and texture matching, have any questions and concerns answered, understand the different types of extensions as well as maintenance schedule and pricing, and obtain information on how to take care of your new investment. 

Once we have decided on the technique, color, texture and length, I will place the order for your hair extensions. Your new hair is paid for during your consultation appointment, and will typically range between $600-$1,000, depending on your own hair's density and desired length, as well as the method we decide to use.  We'll book your installation and any necessary color matching or keratin smoothing appointments for your natural hair, and it's only a matter of time before you have your new look! 

Please fill out the Consultation Form below to begin the process. I'm excited to meet and work with you! 

INSTALLATION  cost varies between the different techniques used, amounts of hair needed to complete your desired look and your goals. All expected costs will be discussed at your consultation:

Flat Tip and I Tip extensions are a flat fee of $335 for your initial installation and blending haircut, with 4-5 week maintenance move-ups costing $125. 

Keratin Bond Fusion  extensions are billed at a fixed rate of $400.00 for a whole head, typically taking  3 1/2 to 4 1/2 hours. 

Hand Tied, Machine Tied and Hybrid Wefts are $175 for the first row, $100 for each additional row. Most clients require 2-3 rows.

Invisible Bead Method Wefts are a flat fee of $450.00 for 3 rows. **Please note that I do not offer move-ups in between installations with this method. You will need to have them removed and re-installed every 8-12 weeks.**

Micro Bond Keratin Fusion Extensions are used to fill in the sides, top and areas where wefts and normal sized beaded extensions would be obvious. Price will vary depending on amount needed. I am typically able to create fusion bonds with a bit of your purchased wefts, eliminating the need to purchase more hair. The production and installation of micro keratin bonds is typically $50.00-$125.00. 

Custom Coloring of Wefts,  This may include shadow rooting them, completely coloring or toning them and ranges between $85.00-150.00.

Blending Haircuts are necessary after each installation to ensure that your hair blends seamlessly with the extensions, and are included with your installation.

Express Move-Up for Beaded or Weft Extensions is $100 for sew-in wefts and $125.00 for I-Tips or Flat Tips.

All extensions include a haircut to blend them into your existing hair, as well as a styling and photo session so you'll feel as glamorous as you look!

You'll go home with a basic hair maintenance kit and the knowledge needed to take care of your new investment. I am always available to answer any questions you may have and provide guidance.

These installations typically range from 1 1/2 - 5 hours, depending on the type of extensions, amount needed and the thickness of your hair. Please plan accordingly, I always offer drinks and snacks in my suite!

Express Move-Up Appointments are offered and necessary for all beaded and weft installations at a flat rate of $100.00 for wefts and $125.00 for beaded extensions. These must be done every 4-5 weeks (up to 2x in-between installs) to keep your extensions freshly tightened, to make home maintenance easier and to extend the time in between full installation appointments.


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Hair Extension Consultation Form
Is this your first time with hair extensions?
What type of extensions are you interested in?
Are you experiencing any of the following scalp or hair issues?
Are you taking any medication that lists hair loss as a side efeect?
Are you applying anything topical or taking anything to help with hair loss or scalp problems?
**In the past year have you experienced any health change that resulted in hair loss? (Pregnancy, Chemotherapy, Iron Deficiency, Alopecia)**

Thank you!Please allow 48 hours for my response, during my regularly scheduled work week.

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